Garden Consult with your farmer

One of my favourite events of the year has been the annual Compost Education Centre plant sale where I sell vegetable seedlings. This is a chance to meet other folks who love to grow their own food as much as I do and to share gardening tips. This year I want to make some time to answer the kinds of questions I get at the plant sale in a lot more detail.

On March 6th I am offering an online group consultation for gardeners in this bio region (Southern Vancouver Island/gulf islands). This is a 2 hour video conference (Zoom) session tailored specifically to answer the questions you have for your organic backyard vegetable garden and meet you, the participants, wherever you are at in your gardening journey. I am only accepting up to 6 participants to allow lots of time for each gardener.

Here’s how it will work:

After you register, you will be asked to send me a picture of your garden (as it is, even if there’s nothing currently growing or it’s just an empty patio) and/or your garden plan in advance, along with some details about your garden and a couple questions you want answered to help you be successful in your garden this year. I expect the questions to range from beginner to advanced, and I’m confident you will all learn from each other’s questions.

Saturday, March 6th, 10am – Noon.
Register by email to
$30. Pay by etransfer once your registration is confirmed.
First come first serve.

Who am I? This year is my 13th year of commercial farming. Prior to starting City’s Edge Farm, I spent 6 years growing commercially on multiple backyards throughout Greater Victoria, but my gardening journey started years before that, growing food wherever I have lived – apartments, rental houses, community gardens, and even Cuba. I’ve started or managed vegetable gardens in at least 28 different yards. Most of what I will share has been learned through 25 years of trial and error in this bio region, with its wide diversity of micro climates and soil types.