From our Farm to your Garden

Here at the farm, planting starts with selecting seeds. We carefully select varieties that offer the best flavour while also being adapted to local conditions. Most of those seeds will be sown in the nursery, using our own organic potting mix, tested and revised over the years to give our plants a solid start. From there, we harden them off in our outdoor nursery. Some are destined for our own fields, and others are potted up for sale to local gardeners.


Heritage and Open pollinated varieties, as well as newer hybrids selected for disease resistance and west coast growing conditions.

Mixed Veggies

A wide range of veggies that we grow here on the farm: Squash, peppers, green onions, lettuce, brassicas, and more.

Herbs and Flowers

Annual, perennial, medicinal and culinary herbs, as well as flowers to attract beneficial insects to protect your garden.

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